Great Travel Tips

Great Shanghai China Travel Tips

  • Convert your money once you arrive in China.  The exchange rate is better.  Shanghai Pudong Airport has a bank at the luggage carousels that is very convenient and easy. 

  • Always go to the taxi queue in the airports and train stations.  Never go with the hustlers trying to get you to take their car instead.  Overcharges and disputes are not uncommon in these "black" taxis.   Listen up!

  • Buy a Metro Pass debit card (subway).  It is much easier to swipe it rather than figuring out the ticket to buy for each trip.  Just swipe the card when you get on and off.  Metro Passes can be purchased at the customer service counter in all Metro stations.

  • Eat less meat.  Meat handling is not the same in China as home.  Limit your exposure to this issue by reducing the amount of meat you eat.  Only eat well cooked meat.  Never drink tap water.  Do not use a glass to pour your drink into.  It is an unnecessary source of potential contamination.

  • Carry tissues.  Many bathrooms do not offer paper supplies.

  • Get a business card from the front desk of your hotel and always keep it with you.  You can always give it to a taxi driver and be returned to your hotel.  Collect business cards from your favorite hangouts.  This makes it easy to tell a taxi driver where you want to go.  And don't forget to use the concierge service at the hotel.  They can really make things much easier for you.  Dinner reservations, advising the taxi driver as to your destination, walking directions and so much more.  This is an especially valuable resource while in China.

  • Never eat street food.  Sanitation is non-existent.  Regulation is non-existent.  The source of the meat may not be what you think it is.  Take a close look at that industrial barrel that was converted into a food cooker.  It used to be used in industry.  You can often smell the residual chemicals such as formaldehyde cooking along with the food.  This is also the last stop for over-used and polluted cooking oil, aka "Gutter Oil".   Many people will rave about eating the "local street food", but we strongly believe CAUTION is advised.

  • Never drink tap water.  Bottled water is cheap and plentiful.  Most tap water is fine for showering and washing.