Shanghai massage is a bargain not to be missed. 

Foot Massage is a common massage service available in China.  It is often a social event.  Many people may go together to a foot massage parlor in the evening for a relaxing time.  Large lounging chairs allow you to recline and relax during the massage.  And it starts with a hot foot soaking to loosen and clean your feet.   Typically there will be a TV and music system in the room.  Some massage parlors also offer beer.  There's nothing like a cold beer while you get a foot massage.

Oil Massage is another popular massage service.  It typically takes longer and costs a little more.  Some massage parlors offer a hot, steamy towel clean up at the end of the massage to remove the oils. 

Thai and Specialty Massage is offered by some massage parlors.  The larger parlors have a printed menu of services. Order the type of massage you desire from the menu.  You can get a private room or a larger room to share with friends.   Many places will have hand rails on the ceiling for the therapist to hold as they walk on your back.

On Call Massage is also available.  Many massage parlors will send the therapist to your hotel.  This is especially nice for the oil massage.  No need to get dressed with oily skin.  Simply pop into the shower once done.  Be sure to screen the parlor so you are clear as to the service you are ordering.