Black Markets

There are many Black Markets in Shanghai.  The most notable three are:

  • Underground Market - Science and Technology Museum - Metro Line 2 (green line)  This is a very large market.  The Metro station and market are together underground.  This makes it very simple to shop here.  No need to worry about the weather or needing a taxi.

  • Tao Bao City - 580 Nanjing Xi Lu  (West Nanjing Road)  This is a tall building with many floors of shops.  The aisles are narrow and space is tight.  Be prepared to be barraged by peddlers asking you to buy. 

  • Qipo Lu (sounds like Cheap u)

There are many smart phone apps that will help you locate these markets and provide tips on prices and bargaining.  A popular one is called "Fake Shanghai".  On the app you can pick the market you wish to visit and then show the taxi driver.