Shanghai Taxis

It is normally very easy to get a taxi in Shanghai, unless it is raining.  Then it will take a lot longer as everyone is competing for the taxis.  If the taxi is available it will have a green light lite up on top of the car.  Simply lift your arm into the air and the cab will pull over to pick you up.  Typical minimum fare is 14 RMB which is about $2.50 USD.  They never expect a tip.  Always take the receipt.  Never use your Metro card to pay for the taxi.  While it is an option, it can also open you up to fraud.  Taxi drivers are known to "palm" your card and return to you a card with no money on it.  They also are known to palm your legitimate 100RMB note and return to you a counterfeit note telling you that your note is no good.  So you give them a different note.  Now you have counterfeit in your pocket.  Seems taxi drivers all over the world have some things in common.